Friday, October 5, 2012

The New Client

1. Haul yourself up to lie on the muddy bank.

2. Get used to your new lungs, the way they heave and blow
in contrast to the delicate fluttering of your gills.

3. Dont worry about predators, you are the first,
an enterprising aeronaut exploring a virgin marketplace.

4. Blink the ooze from your eyes and look around.

5. Roll in the dust to protect your glistening hide from the rays of the sun.

6. Try out those legs. Youll get the hang of them in no time.

7. Enter the embrace of the earth who displays her wares for you,
exposes her teat and implores you to suck.

Your credit is good here, she assures you. We welcome your business.

8. Straighten your tie.

9. Prepare to introduce yourself to your fellow creatures, shaking whatever appendage they offer in greeting.

10. Try your damnedest not to lick your chops.

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