Friday, February 1, 2013

The Empty Quarter

My heel broke through and I tumbled
into a half-hidden cave in the middle 

of the high desert scrubland

I breathed dust and darkness, unable to move
 I am still there now, unsure of how 
you can even be reading these words,
or how I managed to write them.
Battered and broken, it seems unlikely
that I will ever haul myself out. Even in these days 
of technological wonders, people still die this way.
They are not always lucky enough to be
High above and far away, a lizard lifts its scaly head toward the sun.
A coyote lopes across a field
where pronghorns munch the sagebrush.
In a sidewalk cafe, a girl raises a glass to her lips,

leaving a greasy red smear on the crystal rim.

And so I lie here, 
thinking of you as I wait, 
eyes open but seeing nothing 
breathing dust and darkness
Seeing everything

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