Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vegan Reindeer Sausage

Is the name of his new opera
God knows what the hell it’s about
He cribbed the title from a Portland food cart
We walked past on our way back From lunch
At Mother’s when he was here in town 
To receive his award at some conference
Celebrating Opera education
Or some such nonsense

He ordered the huevos rancheros
And rambled on about 
His sister’s new book on Polish poetry
His obsession with burritos
His sickly cat who at the age of seventeen 
Caught its first mouse, and then another
And another
And now the damn thing won’t stop catching mice
Presenting them proudly as gifts 
The way cats tend to do
We hadn’t seen each other since high school
Over two decades ago, though surely
That can’t be right
We can’t possibly be
That fucking old
I laugh when I picture him 
A white East Coast Jew teaching music theory 
At a black Catholic girls’ high school in New Orleans.
It makes about as much sense to me
As Vegan Reindeer Sausage

for Dan Shore

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  1. This is kind of like my favorite poem of all time.