Sunday, March 24, 2013

Manifesto of Affirmation (A Blessing)

Yes to the crust of dried snot clinging to the upper lip
Yes to the faint aroma of urine whose location you can’t quite pinpoint
Yes to the cat yowling to awaken you in the middle of the night
Yes to broken dreams, to wasted opportunities
Yes to failed kidneys, limp dicks, cancerous tits
Yes to crushed skulls, to severed limbs, to peeled skin
Yes to plundered tombs and burning libraries
Yes to ripped seat cushions, to strewn stuffing
Yes to Napalmed jungles and smears of human residue
Yes to worms crushed beneath the boot
Yes to orphans huddled in the crawlspace
Yes to insecticides in the reservoir
Yes to the thump of knuckle, talon, horn and hoof
Yes to the charnel house, the sewage plant, the psyche ward
Yes to meat scraped from the windshield, wings plucked from the grill
Yes to a whiff from the jar sitting in the back of the refrigerator
Yes to rope and gasoline
Yes to vaults and skyscrapers
Yes to broken teeth and black eyes, to infections blossoming underneath the skin
Yes to the decapitation of babies, the hacking and gobbling of their tender bodies
Yes to piles and stacks and heaps and mounds
Yes to alligator bags and human trafficking
Yes to handcuffs smeared with frosting, to pacifiers dipped in feces
Yes to incestuous siblings, yes to child molester chatrooms 
Yes to robot priests shooting lasers from their asses
Yes to the lover's cold, blank stare
Yes to dodo foie gras and passenger pigeon fricassee
Yes to cockfights and live sex shows with donkeys
Yes to rubber bands cutting off your circulation
Yes to the clank of armor, the snapping of snow chains
Yes to the ever-tightening ratchet
Yes to frying fat and sizzling sky
Yes to mountains of barbiturates
Yes to bullet holes in the ice
Yes to the whispering, glowing screen
Yes to hookworms and gangrene, earthquakes and tomahawks
Yes to suffering in all its forms, yes to agonies without number
Yes to every humiliation, to every mild irritation
I say yes to death in all its guises. It’s the only way
I can remember how to live

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