Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Lovejoy Columns

We are ricocheting off the pylons,
we are bouncing off the ropes   When we smile,
blinding beams of light shoot out
from behind our splintered teeth   Our eyelids shine
like swollen plums   Our chests bristle
with battered ribs   Our brains have been squeezed
into sausage   Our hearts are gongs
waiting to be struck   Down here where
the splintered sidewalk is bound together
with nets of spider silk   Where the great throbbing
mosquito god descends from the sky  Waiting
to suck us dry   Where you pray to the burnt threads
of the incandescents   Trying to will them back
into blinding life   The slabs slide on ball bearings
The earthworms strap themselves to combs
to convince themselves they’re centipedes
The gutters glow with radioactive vomit
Taped to the backside of every picture
is another picture   Destined to always
face the wall   The mercury dial spins
The second hand sweeps our feet out from under us
The horizontal pendulum scythes the overgrown carpet
The stairs are all just pyramids of railroad ties
We wake up splintered in the nettles beneath
the collapsed on-ramp   Follow the cracked drainpipe,
follow the smell of rust   Claw at the stumps
of the sign posts for dear life   I’ve got sanitary napkin
insoles and solid plywood spectacles   I’ve got stained
glass underpants   It’s like a jigsaw puzzle
where no single piece fits any other  We wear
sandpaper tuxedos and spit blood on our hands
before leaping back into the ring   Knowing
there is no way they are not going to
eventually tear us down

1 comment:

  1. I really like this poem. It made me think not only of one of your specific visual-art styles, but also for some reason... a dimly remembered painting by Max Ernst.

    affections and thorough praise,