Saturday, July 13, 2013


I flash my broken-glass smile,
flip my newspaper cape across my shoulder.
I slather my scalp with glue to attach
my pubic-hair toupee.
I wear a beard of flies that occasionally
abandon my chin to tickle a ripe carcass.
My loyal companions, they always return,
stuffed and happy.
My ass has fallen off so many times
I’ve taken to lashing it on with baling wire.
The corners of my mouth dribble turpentine,
my nose oozes syrup. My chest is tattooed
with blue lines like a college-ruled notebook.
I wear plastic garbage bags rubber-banded
over my blackened feet. A tiny hand sprouts
from each of my shoulder blades, fluttering
and scrabbling at the air every time I take a drag.
I am your doctor, your patient, your midwife, your stillbirth.
I am your customer, your agent, your supervisor, your supplier.
Your landlord, your boarder, your squatter, your broker. 
I am your client- a pile of damp sacks
stitched and gummed together
in the culvert of Cabbagetown.
I am a tangle of knotted laces, of unnecessary tourniquets.
I am the sweatpants hanging stiffly from the line,
the bamboo windchime chopped from its noose,
the water balloon wobbling inside the bicycle helmet.
My chest is crammed with porcelain organs
that clink together when I shift on the couch.
Pry my torso open, wedge any packages just inside
the screen door. Slide the disconnect notices
through the slot. Hang the take-out fliers
from my flaccid little doorknob. Thumb the buzzer
with all your might then run like hell
as I come crashing down.

1 comment:

  1. I just wrote a paragraph about this poem and then lost my connection.
    Something about density of images whewww. Continuous broken world and body...Body and/or poem a batch of unwinding thingness?Don't quite remember. I'll read it again tomorrow. In its way it's a powerful dram of poem. It again reminds of some of your drawing style, but you couldn't have done this speed using a pen in each hand and ambidextrously laboring in concentric considerations.The images would have piled over each other