Friday, August 9, 2013

Evaporating Dew

You grin as your bathrobe parts to reveal
the ripe flesh waiting impatiently beneath
Your gleaming smile seems to stretch
to the edges of the bed
as I free your breasts
Your nipples stiffen, the morning breeze
drags its fingertips down your belly
You spread your legs and purr with each caress
Your eyelids flutter wide to release
hungry pupils that strain to suck me in
to devour me with one great slurp
consume me whole with a single look
I long for this annihilation, long
to lick you clean, to disappear
like perspiration drying from your skin
I long to be submerged beneath
your moans, drowned in your rhythmic undertow
I pray that this one morning spent within you
might wash away those countless nights
without you

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