Thursday, October 31, 2013

Slasher Flick

It’s always a man
lumbering through the dark, wearing a mask
or with a face so twisted he may as well be,
and wielding his tool of choice
with which to slice, chop, drain them of
their precious fluids. She wearies of all the shrieking,
just once she wants to see one of those stupid teens
meet their fate with dignity. Look, she wants to tell them,
you know he’s unstoppable
as he comes shambling for you through the dark.
Always the dark! What about the blinding daylight,
scorching her sensitive skin,
or the shadowless corridors
of the labyrinthine clinics they wheel her through?
She wants to tell those doomed adolescents
 to just sit quietly a minute,
to enjoy these last few moments before
the cleaver swings, the scalpel cuts.
Listen to the wind in the trees. Smell the night air.
He’ll get you when you least expect it,
though if you see enough of these movies
you learn to always expect it,
though she doesn’t need a man
to destroy her body. It’s doing a good job of that
all on its own, and there's no guarantee
the chemo will save her in the nick of time.

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