Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Claude's Dreamsong

All of Claude’s dreams came true
The bubbling sludge in the bottom of the bowl
rose up to choke him as he supped
The knobs of his radio popped off
like champagne corks and put out his eyes
All the gum stuck to the underside of his desk
crawled together, clumping into a life-sized statue
of his second grade teacher, who started
screaming at him to stop snapping his gum
stop chomping it like some goddamned cow
chewing its goddamned cud
He discovered a secret cave bursting with treasure,
but it turned out to be the lower intestine
of some huge underground behemoth
He scrambled through the mall, chased by
a monstrous, ravenous slice of pizza
with extra anchovies. I need better
fucking dreams, Claude thought.
My subconscious is a mess
and he blew an enormous purple bubble
that grew and grew and grew but never popped
trapping the entire universe
in its sticky hide

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