Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Origami Chopper

The gas tank     the shattered glass    the fur
matted with blood     the splintered wood
shredded leather the black streaks,
the scorched puddles, the silver spokes
glistening like spider silk
the handlebars twisted as if made of spaghetti
chrome arteries spewing clouds
of sentimental exhaust.
hollow tubes flicker, headlight pops like a
flashbulb, flames lick those rubber wicks
you call your eyelashes.
I stomp your shadow into the pavement
scrape and smear it   run over it again
and again and again  dragging it behind me
along the asphalt
Disturber of surfaces   Interrupter of journeys
Do not stand in my path
I will cut you down   I will knock you flat
I will throw you open like a door
Brush you aside like a quarterback
Like a bull tosses a careless toreador
I will lower my horns and ram
with all my might
Open my fist and watch your wadded chassis drop
onto the wet, flickering road

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