Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Closing of a Baha Fresh

It’s dark inside
all the tables and chairs have been removed
but the salsa bar is still there, just waiting
to be stocked again
if I press my face up to the glass
next to the Retail Space Available sign
I can see ghostly figures moving around in there
bent over the little tables
munching on their quesadillas
lining up for soda refills
And out here, right where I’m standing
was where you and I sat with our fish tacos
you giggling and gazing at me
like a little girl in love for the first time
and me reaching over and touching your arm
to make sure you’re real, and you were,
I could feel your skin, could feel you reach over
and wipe a bit of salsa verde from my shirt
Sometimes I would come back here and sit
at that same table just to relive that moment
of being wanted, just to remember what it’s like
to feel smitten. Now there’s nowhere to sit
but I will find other places to torture myself
with these memories  
or maybe I will go home and allow myself
to finally forget.
Those tacos were really not 
all that good anyhow
or so I keep telling myself.

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