Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Sank into the muck, heels dug in
to the crushed velvet silt
Blew black bubbles that rose 
sluggishly, not straight up 
but slanting away from the shore
Cupped my hands around
a passing squirt
Felt it flutter against my fingers
before trying to nibble its way out
Its soft mouth merely tickling
my palms. Finally released it
and spread my arms, watching
the barnacles sprout
from elbow to wrist, their residents
raking the water with their feathery fists.
My necktie undulated
like an eel in the current. I didn’t want
to surface, if anything I wished
to burrow deeper
But the sea floor beneath the mud
was rock
and so I just stood there, watching the skates
float across the sand like flying carpets. 
Heart pulsed like a jellyfish traveling
against a current
Slow, translucent, deadly;
unable to stop,unable to swim away.

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