Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here in Your Many Arms

She hauls herself onto a rock and reposes
on its warm hide, stretching out then curling
her many appendages around her torso
like a nest of flesh. She presses her cheek 
against one as if it was a cushion.
The sky is blue with clouds like scribbled whitecaps.
She yawns and smiles, her long lashes encrusted with salt.
She dozes and dreams of her lover, dreams 
of wrapping all her arms around his measly four, 
dreams of stroking and squeezing and gently kissing 
his tender flesh with her hundreds of suckers.
Each of her eight nipples point in a different direction.
Her fingers slip lazily down to swim within her slippery folds.
The surf hisses against the sand. Birds wheel.
From time to time she shifts her thick, juicy limbs.
Soon she will stir and stretch and slither back off her boulder
and slide into the sea without a splash
She will twist and twirl, weightless and graceful,
propelling herself down through the murky fathoms,
through the pulsing curtain of jellyfish
through the shimmering veils of fish,
to settle into her bed of kelp and anemones,
to slumber beside the bones of her lover
that lie half buried beneath a blanket of silt. 

This piece was inspired by this painting by the extremely talented Laura Nothern: 

Photo: A recent painting project...

 Untitled, oil on panel, 14" x 11"
Check out more of her beautiful work at lauranothern.com!

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