Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Temptation of Franz Von Stuck

I am curled in a hollow between two rocks
The space between two bodies
My silhouette defined by the two
Curvaceous female forms
Curled head to toe on either side
My hooded head is bowed.
My hands are clasped -veins bulging,
Knuckles popping -safely folded
Beneath my robes, protected from
The cool blue slither of these sirens’
Breasts, their bellies. Their fingers
Spider along my knee, my ear, their tongues 
Dart incessantly from dark, oily lips.
Dusty water trickles down the mountainside
In a vain attempt to suckle the desert.
Every time I try to leave this world,
These two try lure me back 
With the yin and yang of their ripe flesh. 
Twin halves of a fruit of which I am the core,
Rattling with withered seed.
I am the axle of their wheel,
They roll and spin and try to suck me down the stony slopes 
To the pit below, and though  I do not move, I am still dragged,
Stone-faced and stoic, along that winding road,
Down toward wretched salvation

Toward blissful doom

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