Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Take 1 Tablet by Mouth Daily (Scatter)

Blossoms rotting the moment they bloom.
Fingernails picking at wet knots.
The sidewalk covered with mysterious stains,
suspicious piles. Puddles that never evaporate.
Fog rising from between your legs, obscuring everything.
I’m groping blindly, it all turns to mush in my grip,
dissolves the moment I fix my gaze upon it.
Scrap metal truck cruising around the neighborhood,
its cage crammed with patio furniture
and dented file cabinets
Teenager blacking in the teeth of all the celebrities in the tabloids
Boxer straining at its leash, choking itself with its need
to love everyone, to be loved by everyone
The sky darkens, turning the world to monochrome. It’s a relief.
The only color that remains is the green metallic sheen
of a fat fly clinging motionless to the window
And I reach toward it, mistaking it
for something else, something that will not
flit away

1 comment:

  1. This one is entropy at its most immediate. Buddhist impermance observing the cognizing nervous system's tension as it flips onward toward old-fashioned longing and sorrows.


    I like this one. Yes.

    affections and real hopes
    uncle frank