Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Midges

I wanted to flick a midge from her collarbone but her boyfriend was standing right there, staring off into the distance with those blue glass eyes. It was the first truly warm day of April and all the little winged creatures were starting to dance about. I brushed one away from my ear. Boyfriend scratched his beard, yawned. At a nearby table a deaf girl gave a tarot reading using glossy cards with dragons printed on them. She yelled and gestured wildly to the girl across the table from her, who nodded and stared back with wide, serious eyes. As my friend hugged me goodbye I tried not to press against her ram’s head t-shirt with the low-cut neckline. I watched as she walked away, her cracked leather jacket slung over her shoulder. Her boyfriend nodded goodbye, chain attached to his wallet, snakes and devils twisting and swirling up and down his arms. The midges crazed and swarmed around my head. I closed my eyes but the sunlight seared right through.


  1. This is cool - reminds me of 'Improvisation' which I'm reading and very much enjoying right now.

  2. Thanks Mark! You're one of the select through who has dared to read that damn thing. Any criticism or comments regarding it would be helpful.