Monday, May 19, 2014

The Passion of Taz

Paging through a book of photographs
of bad tattoos, I’m mesmerized by an image 
of Taz, the beloved Warner Brothers cartoon character,
jerking himself off with his eyes squeezed shut 
in ecstasy, tongue flopping obscenely
from the side of his mouth.Globs of semen squirt 
from his gargantuan erection. It gives me pause.
This is not exactly a poignant, heartfelt homage
to the losing of oneself n the blissful throes 
of orgasm. Or is it? Maybe this indelible image 
is this guy’s way of expressing the sacred reverence he holds
For the pleasures of self-gratification.
I know this planet is crammed
with all different kinds of people
and that many of them see the world
in ways that I find incomprehensible,
that they spend their lives doing all kinds
of crazy, irresponsible things to their bodies.
Hell, this book overflows with examples,
many of them more offensive
than a masturbating Tasmanian Devil.
Swastikas, celebrities fucking
And eating each other, dismembered babies…
but for some reason this is the one
that sticks in my head.
I can’t help but feel that, heartfelt or not,
This image is indicative of the entire culture’s 
incurable sickness.This is America, 
a horned animated whirlwind
blind to everything but its own pleasure,
jizzing shamelessly across the arm hairs of the world.

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