Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life is Constant Struggle

     Someone opened the washroom window a crack and now it’s stuck. Someone tossed an empty toilet paper tube toward the bin but missed, and couldn’t be bothered to stoop to pick it up. Maybe they meant to but something distracted them and they forgot. Or they old or disabled and could not. Someone left the faucet running in the sink, perhaps on purpose to keep the pipes from cracking if the temperature dropped. Someone breathed on the mirror and wrote something with their finger but the fog has long since lifted, spiriting the message away with it. Someone did not hold the toilet handle long enough and the feeble suction left a pale yellow pool gurgling in the basin, along with a single lonely floater. Someone swept the tile floor with the plastic broom but abandoned a thread of dust that would not mount the edge of the pan no matter how hard they tried to convince it to make that final hurdle, to mount that final step.

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