Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18

A Dead Coyote by the Side of the Road in Nisqually Country

We squinted through the cellophane shade
of the recently built old-timey diner
at the choppers lined up in front
of the Nisqually Bar and Grill next door.
Guys with beards in leather vests
milled about in the parking lot
in the blinding morning sunlight.
The waffles were overpriced
and bland. The coffee was bad.
Our cheerful young waitress
had long since disappeared.
American flags hung limply everywhere.
A banner congratulated the Seahawks,
who had lost the world series
six months earlier.
Oldies were playing on the piped-in
satellite radio.  Love is All Around
played twice in a row.
I popped a couple of Advil and prayed.
Five miles up the road, along the side
of Interstate 5, a dead coyote
lay in the weeds, its pale fur
ruffled by the gentle breeze.

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