Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 16

I could feel the wall of feminine disinterest rise
effortlessly from both of them the moment
we were all introduced.
Maybe men do this too, flick on that forcefield
of aggressive apathy. Without my uttering a word
they had sentenced me guilty of having
nothing to offer. I'm not saying they're wrong,
but still. A fella likes the illusion of having
a fighting chance.
Now this is the point where more assertive dudes
make their voices heard, begin the game
of lassoing their attention.
But not me. I nodded politely as they chatted
and built that wall higher and higher until I couldn't see
their faces. Luckily there was a chink in the brick
through which I pressed my eye
and spent the rest of the conversation staring
at their decent -though in no way extraordinary- racks
with the impunity of the invisible.

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