Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21


There were two men
and she leaped like a bolt
from one to the other.

Can you feel your eyelashes
brush against the paper?
Can you find the strength to turn
your back to the light?

You'll have to.

They moved around within the sweltering box
with nothing but the crimson light to guide them.
And of course their hands.

Did you feel your body turn into a sculpture?
Did you feel your three dimensions 
flatten out?
The flash lasts only a moment,
and then you are two shadows
fused forever into one.

The slides blink faster and faster
The photographs curl their corners
And it's too much. I fly from
the stark white room
 filled with the skeletons
of black folding chairs
to escape to the soft gray
world outside.

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