Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Morning After Pill [Genesis 1:1-28]

In the beginning was the word,
or rather a whole slew of words
spewing in a load from his
celestial throat.
Was it consensual, or did he force
his babbling upon her?
Whatever the case, the words wriggled into
her wide open ear
and swam up her auditory canal
until they reached the large wrinkled egg
encased within the shell of her skull.
Only one of them would fertilize it,
would use its alphabet [especially
the D, the N, the A] to spell a new life.
Once she realized what had happened,
She took pills to try to destroy it
but it kept growing, she could not forget.
The father was long gone, of course.
She went to a clinic to have it removed
but they said she was too far along.
As the due date approached
she grew more and more frantic,
She suffered morning sickness,
spilling gibberish.
Finally, the baby burst from her,
an abomination of an idea loose in the world,
eager to go forth and multiply.

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