Friday, May 15, 2015

The World's Last Can of Tuna Fish -Thrown Overboard, Sinks to the Bottom of the Atlantic

when the ship went down
our drills sank with it

we lashed styrofoam anchors to our wrists and ankles
and dragged ourselves across the spiky crests
the liquid daggers dug furrows down our bellies
 and sowed seeds of salt in the wounds
 that sprouted into waterspouts that spiraled upwards
reaching for the keening frigates and terns
beanstalks of slippery kelp rising toward nothing

we shat jellyfish and pissed anemones
grateful that they weren't sea urchins this time
we clung to the last lonely plank left floating in the entire ocean
feeling our shoulder blades shrivel to jerky in the sun

tens of thousands of fry nibbled at our pasty hull
our flesh disintegrated into algae blooms
that formed a new skin across
the flayed torso of the ocean

frothing wounds
blood and foam
rendered fat
even after all this time
our eyes stare down
two bubbles stubbornly
refusing to pop

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