Friday, June 19, 2015

Bridge of Sighs

Like Katy Hepburn in Summertime
Swaddled in a shell, suffocating in solitude
Afraid it's too late to be loved. Afraid
it might not be. Wanting to be swept off
my feet. Romanced on the Venice Bridges.
A dream of dropping dahlias into the wake
of the gondoliers. Not sure
what I'd do if I actually ever was
transported there, not sure that if I stumbled on the edge
that I could ever regain my footing,
I'd pretty sure I'd drown in the canal
or at the very least contract some disease,
like she did, ending up with a rare form
of conjunctivitis
which she battled the rest of her life,
despite the director's taking the precaution of
filling the water with gallons of foaming disinfectant.
This I suppose is what you get
for doing your own stunts,
for not going through life with your eyes
squeezed tightly shut. 

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