Friday, November 6, 2015


Spreading [grabbing],
flowing [clutching]

[My father used to go on for hours about 
when he was a kid in the fifties]

Yellow smear across your face

[He said that when the grocery stores
first installed freezer cases
everyone thought it was a big mistake.
Who would want to buy food
that had been frozen, they asked]

 Rubbery white gums, slippery with mucus

[His mother would buy eggs fresh from the farm
and sometimes he'd find]

I am pricking your cheek. I am brushing against

[a crimson chicken embryo
suspended in the yolk]

your eyelashes

[He also talks at length about being pulled out of school
the day Kennedy had his brains blown out] 

Yellow fingers turn the belly pale
A single curly hair floating on
the milky surface

[how could you ever eat an egg
after seeing that, I'll never understand]

gives way beneath
the pressing weight
of my shifting center

my heaving bulk

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