Friday, December 18, 2015

Pine Needles

jagged scales glued back onto the body
of a peeled pangolin

world's longest splinter, the telephone pole
pulled out of the tip of your ring finger

the broken cradle the fixed
singing them lullabies with cracked jaws
full of chipped teeth

paper crushed ice cone held all your hopes
thick and slow as sap
flipped it over and nothing fell out

sad how small our worlds become
she was so excited to be getting free ice cream
it was all she could talk about for days

claw pushes up through the rubble
like a barbed orchid
body buried beneath a pile of bricks
I draw this image over and over
it doesn't heal anything. Nothing gets healed


grabbed a squirrel by its tail
stripped of fur, it was just a necklace
of bones. Beaver tooth, mastodon molar,
cactus and sea urchins with the spines removed
we are spiny little bastards. We clench our teeth
and bug our eyes, daring the world to grab us
to receive its handful of quills.

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