Monday, January 11, 2016

Blackstar [epitaph for david bowie]

spider    asterisk    ink splotch    anus
eyelash    beauty mark     lip smack    
exploding fingerprints
black gloves dance up a thin white rope
the pupil expands to swallow the black night sea
taste the  salt, the stars
run your tongue around the rim
a hole in the floor     a ring in the sky     
 the black star, the black absence
of a star, the sucking lack, the vacuum of 
the open mouth
the painted eyelid, the crepe-draped glass, the handkerchief shroud
the mask behind the mask, the last fistful of glittery ash
one last sentence scattered, a meteor streak of words
ending with a world, a bottomless hole, 
a single period black with possibility.

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