Monday, January 4, 2016

Blood Lemon

Wiped the coagulated fox urine from the blade
against the rim of the tub. Shivered waiting
for the boiled milk to clot, for the fur to mat.
Gobbled aspirin sandwiches, washed them down
with Pepto Bismol spritzers, pulling shoelaces
from between your teeth.

Slice that bitter avocado, that bleached white lime.
Emit sweet yodels to evaporate my hostility,
my hesitancy; one bent backwards, the other forwards,
curled up like red cellophane fish.
No way we'll ever lay flat together
or be shuffled in the same deck ever again.

Play mumbledypeg in the wet ball pit,
kissing the cold steel for luck
Nautical rope halter top holding up
our water balloon breasts
covered in felt tip marker tattoos

Place that endless onion peel
like a laurel looping around my scalp
This dynasty was the Death by 1000 Cuts
and now they're all just cremation crumbs
tumbling down the hourglass.

Nylons filled with sand droop
between our thighs. Clumps of wet leaves
pulped like brown paper get trapped
behind our glasses. We try to remember the words
to the knife song we used to like,
singing it between clenched teeth,
sour notes dancing between our knuckles.

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