Monday, March 14, 2016

Another Crutch

On crutches, the little things
are what wear you down
like trying to transport a container
of leftover linguini
from the microwave to the table
not to mention the glass of water.
The cars that block the crosswalk
and even worse, cut you off
as they speed around the corner.
The people who stand in front of the door
without bothering to open it.
All of these things chip away at you;
the aching shoulders and armpits,
the shortness of breath, the copious
amounts of sweat.
There's the moment you realize
you left your phone upstairs.
There's dropping your keys,
your change, your pen.
But then there's the gorgeous creature
who gets up so you can have their seat
on the bus; that shy smile another crutch
to help you hobble through the day.

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