Friday, March 4, 2016

We Used to Call it Something Other Than Light

The light you see when you close your eyes
The light that shines up out of the ground
We tried to reassemble the broken bulbs.
We experimented with different kinds of glue.
We had difficult imagining why anyone,
given the choice, would ever want to be a man.

The light that unspools from its source
to wrap itself around and around and around
your shattered hand, your crushed foot

We found ourselves fighting for things
we didn't really believe in.
We thought we could capture light, tame it,
make it do our bidding.
Sometimes we used our bodies
to block the light. Sometimes it was the light
which blocked our bodies.

The light that made the other light vanish,
swallowing it up completely
The light that in turn was swallowed up

We made our confessions but
screwed up the punch lines.
We screamed our secrets into the wind
asking it to promise not to tell anyone     
The wind just laughed

The light that locked itself in its room
and refused to come out until we agreed to meet 
its one and only demand,
that is, that we allow it to shine through us.

           We, of course, refused.

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