Tuesday, April 5, 2016

And This is the Thanks I Get

I was a hornet living in your mouth
until that awful day you spit me out,
even though I’d never stung you, even though
the worst I’d ever done
was tickle your tongue

I was a spider squatting in your ear
until you dug me out of that warm cavern
with your fat finger
even though my web had trapped
countless buzzing gnats who’d tried to enter

I was a worm that twisted in your guts
preventing you from ever being alone
but you let the surgeon cut you open
and evict me, even though you ingested
more than enough for both of us.

I was a thought residing in your brain
and though you tried to weaken me
with drugs and drink, I would just laugh
and leap between your synapses
and tug at all your strings and watch you dance.
And after all this time
here I still am.

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