Tuesday, April 19, 2016


What was the precise moment you stopped listening?
Ask the bluebottle. Ask the mosquito. Ask the cicada.
They all tried to get your attention, all attempted
to deliver the message. The moths cast
giant shadows across your face,
the centipedes did an interpretive dance
across your chest, but you noticed nothing.
The grasshoppers chewed leaves into letters
to spell out words of warning, but you did
not read them. The fire ants stung
and the chiggers bit and you felt nothing.
The spiders made a silvery wig of your hair,
the stink bug spritzed perfume on your wrists,
the termites strung a pearly necklace
of eggs around your throat to no avail.
You had fixed your gaze on some better world
and nothing would bring you back
to waste more time in this one.

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