Saturday, April 30, 2016


Glass eggs shiver in a glass nest
Glass larva wriggle in a glass hive
The desert air was so dry it gave us nosebleeds
The sand had turned to glass all around the blast site
We skidded across it like we were skating on ice
There were floaters in my eyes,
transparent water striders on the surface of a crystal pond
The sunlight glinted off every desiccated weed,
every shriveled glass leaf
Glass scorpions scuttled beneath glass rocks
Coiled snakes shook their glass rattles
Glass owls made burrows in glass cactus
I took your hand like cracked leather
Your tongue was still soft though, even if
our mouths were dry
Glass jackrabbits crouched in clumps of glass sagebrush
to hide from glass coyotes, even though their teeth
would merely crack against their hides
Glass toads, glass tarantulas
I could go on but you get the idea
We could see through everything
but each other
And that is what kept us together
as the rest of the world became
completely invisible

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