Friday, April 22, 2016

Tremble Dance

A row of fire extinguishers sits on the edge of the loading dock

I open my hand and something falls to the concrete floor

A single orange traffic cone lies on the sidewalk

On the phone I know when you're nearing the pond
Your voice gets lost among the peepers

I dreamed of a sea of burning nectar

Her dress is covered with both stripes and polka dots
I feel like it's going to give me a seizure

I was very, very careful
And then I wasn't

I take a photograph of you in the arms of a statue

The children stand in a line, as still as fire extinguishers

The egg cracks and there is another egg inside.

A glass centipede skitters across the windshield
followed by a glass caterpillar
slowly inching in its wake

Something crunches underfoot

A butterfly lands on the bridge of her nose
and covers her eyes with its bright blue wings

Our hivemates shiver
We join the hunt

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