Thursday, May 12, 2016

Transparent Blindfold

I suck deep into my skull
looking out through the eyes like peepholes
not wanting to see, not wanting to hear
the sound of bodies hitting the street
landing on the roofs of cars

Not wanting to know about the explosions
in the middle of the crowd
not wanting to see people ripped to bits
and thrown like scraps and rags,
their scattered pieces gathered into piles
and set on fire

Not wanting to see anyone tied to the bumper
and dragged through the dust
or dropped from a limb
or suspended upside down
or castrated, raped, gutted
I don’t want to know about
the crawlspace, the bloodied
mattress, the dumpster. 

I don't want to look into the eyes
of the last elephant, don't want to see
the bleached reefs, don't want to think about
the cities I love being underwater.
Instead I am going to sit here and stare
at the alliums, smell the lilacs and laugh
at the fuzzy baby animals 
frolicking among the daffodils.
I can’t think about gangrene
and leeches and all the things
that eat us from the inside out
I can't think about the collapse of the sun
even though I know that all these things
still dance in the corner of my eye
when I turn away

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