Friday, May 13, 2016

Women You're

so good to us, us men
down in our holes,
going along with us
when we tell you we fell
but knowing the truth,
that we put ourselves 
down there. Dug
then jumped with no
pressure or prompting. 
Still, you never bring it up,
never remind us that the hole
is not all that deep
and that we could crawl out
anytime we wanted to. Instead
you lower a ladder, and if
we still insist on remaining
down here, you toss us
a bag of Doritos and a six pack
and some comic books until
we’re ready to come up.
Why do you do it?
Why don’t you just let us rot,
or fill the hole with water or sand
or just board the damn thing up
with us inside? Don’t you know
that every time you extend  
your hand you take the risk
of being pulled down here,
down here with us?

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