Sunday, May 1, 2016

You Don't Have to Stay Here (But You Can't Go Home)

I want to be the last bee in the bonnet
the last hornet in the nest
the last spider in the web
the last ant in the hill

I want to be the last rat on the sinking ship
the last moth beating its brains against
the last burnt-out bulb
The last cockroach nibbling at
the last stale crumbs in the back of
the ultimate cupboard

The last dog in the junkyard
The last sheep in the abattoir
The last shark in the soup
The last wisp of smoke rising from the pipe
The last car in the parking lot
You are going to have to have me forcibly ejected
You are going to have to physically drag me out
I want to be the last polar bear on Earth
with my ribs sticking out as I stagger across
the brown, dry tundra
I aim to be the last dead-eyed drunk left
in the bar, and you are going to have to 86 me
because there is no fucking way
I am leaving this planet
of my own free will

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