Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tell Me About Your Day

I barred you from my dreams but you found a way
to burrow in through some loophole, wormhole, knothole,
you managed to squeeze in through and stand before me,
feigning surprise to find me there, in my own mind,
then proceeding to prattle on about your house,
your husband, your adorable baby daughter.
I tried to convince you to at least put on some clothes
but you just strutted back and forth, flaunting how good
you still looked after all these years. I knew I was dreaming
but I didn’t seem able to will you away. I tried to conjure
a pit beneath your feet, a tiger to tear you to bits, but you
were still there, and now you were showing off your new
yoga poses, stretching and flexing I tried to strangle you
but my fingers went flaccid, slapping your perfect throat
from which bubbled that beautiful laugh I’d hoped
to never hear again.

How did the dream end?
It didn’t. You are still there before me,
shaking your ass and telling me all about
your day, about all the things you did
About  how the weather was
About all the beautiful things you’re growing
in your beautiful garden at the end
of the beautiful world.

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