Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What the Doctor Wanted

Doctor talks you out of having the procedure
Doctor walks you through the process
Doctor paints a picture of the inside of your liver
Skirts the word cancer
Doctor closes the door of the dreary office
Doctor overcome with desire

Doctor cracks the plastic
Doctor uncaps the bottle
Doctor throws the leather
and swings from the rafters

Doctor defers to the elders
Doctor pulls on the lever
Doctor ignores the evidence
Doctor abandons the center

Doctor interrogates a lover
Doctor kicks off the covers

Doctor wears a stethoscope to the strip club
Doctor hits the snooze, returns to the nightmare
Doctor reads the horoscope
Doctor heads to the barbershop, never does get
that haircut

Doctor attends a lecture
Doctor loses track of the big picture

Doctor gets easily distracted
Doctor dicks around on the internet
Doctor wins twenty bucks at video poker
Doctor gets suddenly inexplicably tired

Doctor in danger of losing their marbles
Doctor starts to slip backwards
Doctor sabotages the practice
Is encouraged to take a leave of absence

Doctor dithers over the price
Thirty thousand dollars
Doctor chooses a color
Mustard. Olive

Doctor starts to slowly move forwards

Doctor motors over the Rockies, dragging a trailer
Doctor crosses Utah, measures the desert
Doctor stops to watch the Colorado River, ponders
Doctor finally waves that flag of surrender

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