Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Everyday Hustler

There were rivers of liquid methane
carving out canyons on a moon of Saturn.

There was a reservoir beneath the city.
We took a gondola tour. I kept calling it a sewer
and the guide kept correcting me.

There were fleas trained to scale tiny ladders,
to ride the backs of crickets, to form letters and words
and lines of verse across the arm of the beloved.

There were 99 names for Allah
one of them was The Expediter
another was The Delayer

There was a jellyfish smaller than a pinky nail
That had discovered the secret to eternal life

There was a man wearing a t-shirt that read
"Everyday Hustler." One day someone stabbed him
and the knife slid between his ribs and stood there,
perfectly still, as the world spun around it. 

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