Tuesday, October 4, 2016

White Cotton

I dreamed of you for the first time
 just before I woke up this morning
I was wearing your bra on your head
it was white
Don't tell my therapist but
my mother was there, too,
watching from inside the house
with, I feared, disapproval
as I finally gave in
and grabbed and kissed you,
slipping your white cotton panties off
from under your dress
and tucking them into my pocket
just before I woke up.

When I got to work later that morning
alarms were going off
and there were leaks everywhere from
the late night downpour
that had occurred while I slept.
It was a frantic, chaotic morning,
spent running around
and cursing, but when I finally had a chance
to sit down, I took a long drink of coffee
and reached into my pocket
and smiled

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