Thursday, March 16, 2017


     That screeching kestrel pokes its head from deep within my throat up between my teeth to open its beak and scream at the a night of scalding cruelty everyone wrapped in someone else's skin the girls wearing glittering tiaras of teeth the boys swinging femur scepters chopping the air with scapula axes even the softest furriest creature lifts its cute little muzzle slathered in blood even the most harmless bit of fluff will choke you if you swallow it smiles dissolve like smoke and everything on the street is rattling and jittery and shaking the picture jolts and jumps there's no stability nothing solid or predictable the ground threatens to open up peel back the crust turn the skin inside out volcanoes rumble the twinkle in the sky swells bigger and bigger the great beasts pace and thrash their tails nervously knowing something is about to happen but not understanding what or having any idea of what to do about it eyes darting back and forth in fear never even thinking to look up

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