Friday, March 31, 2017

Wissahickon Dogbite

down with minimal design racks dragged down
with little flutter locked in frozen swirl
clockfoot ticking down the toes, can opener the shoes
cloak us in a clicking keratin shroud shower curtain
travel size cartons of Fruity Pebbles Frankenberry
shag carpet on the stairs to trip the color of caramel

didn't knot didn't pick didn't pluck didn't spin hours into dope
didn't spit it up before it slapped you after it swept you
flabbergasted by the fuss, by the absence of fuss
clicking velvet clown Burger King crown crying Judy Collins
Culture Club the fragrance is consuming you potpourri
Depression-era tract housing goldfish belly up eyes gummed shut

there were crosses you knelt down you prayed
your prayers were answered they all start singing now

Philadelphia suburbs underwater troll stickers
graffiti on the elevated ketchup on potato pancakes the dog
that bit you through the sneaker, knew it was cheap
parakeets and Pepsi backyard screamer didn't break the skin
some time later they had to put that dog down
not because of me I heard it bit someone else
an acquaintance or stranger never family a little girl maybe
why aren't you crying your prayers were answered they still
put that dog down

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