Saturday, April 29, 2017

1806 Writing Desk

Listen don't listen       high
Listen don't listen       wait
Figure 8
employee handbook
difficult to sleep with the door closed
square root   
ironing board         Done warming up? Good
Collect the cat hair
from the vent. Fill the swear jar.
door wind shut feet at odd angles.
1806 writing desk in the window of the Persian rug place
sold out from under my nose. $1500
Rubber door stops. Bent paper clip.
My aunt's teeth were ground down to nothing they
pulled them all to decrease the risk of infection.
Holzer words sink into teh ground like raindrops
Look don't look         fine
Look don't look         bomb
The engine roared between her thighs
The giant fried chicken bucket rusted in the back alley
twin winds battled one another
Every morsel snapped up. Every stitch undone, your garments
fall into scraps at your feet.
The constellations spin above you.
Tiny oval portraits from lockets swirl around
blending together into one many-headed
sepia-toned monster.
Feel don't feel         lock of hair
Feel don't feel         pinch of coarse gray
                    Irish sand
Feel the hard dry kernel
of your navel plug
saved in a plastic baggie
opened decades later
.......spoons full of pureed vegetables
zoom like airplanes through the heavens
  Taste don't taste           sugar packets and matchbooks
Listen don't listen          scratch, scratch
They scattered her teeth like seeds
planting them in the rich black soil of the night sky
"Finger lickin' good," whispers the Colonel
Butter churn
Telephone booth alarm clock powder horn
Listen        Stop listening         listen
Listen        Stop listening         listen
        scratch                   scratch

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