Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Testimonial

We didn’t end in the gutter, we started there
Scrambled out one leaden sole after another, dragging our chains and
torn pelt-sleeves behind us, leaving puddles of grease behind us

We didn’t end up behind those dumpsters,
we clawed our way out and kicked aside the corrugated metal trash bins
sending them rolling down the street, garbage bags
splitting and exploding from their mouths like cannonballs
of stinking refuse snatched by the wind

We didn’t live out our remaining days
on some gnawed mattress in the basement of a burnt-out tenement,
walls caked with thick lacquer, ceilings raining down powder
from the crazed pacing of the wild, itchy beasts caged above us

We didn’t finish our brief time on this rotten ball of dirt
dragged biting and spitting by our hair toward the end of the wharf
where the water sluggishly slapped the wood pilings and waited
This was not where our lives ended,
it’s where they began, and we stand here before you today
as living proof that a new beginnings are always possible.
Now close your eyes. I promise

this will only hurt a moment, and then it's your turn
to make a brand new start.

1 comment:

  1. i particularly like this one, seann. your poems always have great imagery and expressiveness, but the payoff at the end of this one really brought it home.