Saturday, April 8, 2017


Plop in the broth. Bubble, gurgling slurp. The detoured tourist
warily eyes his steaming spoon. Teutonic tumble as two
ample, rosy German girls, bristling with bobby pins, embark,
chattering merrily in their mother tongue.
Fatherland, mother tongue,
“├╝ber alles in der Welt,” wedding ring tangled up
in electrical lines, wire tracing bird wing trajectory,
crow sausage, pigeon soup slurp headphones bob confused jumble 
distracted by ample peasant bosoms unfettered
close calls Fiberglas Japanese cars dart in front of tour bus
tourist gingerly takes a sip, scalds lips, German girls
avalanche of giggles cloud of dust moss and sawdust,
felled aspens, wooly moss heavily made up
savage pines, sausage piles, houses on stilts, sandy braids
waves of broth slap the sides of the bowl, cheap porcelain shores
bouncy sticky fingers poking into holes, bus veers up and up
the mountain pass, tourist turns chartreuse, fingers in ears, cheeks blow
the distant peak gleaming, [black/tunnel] gleaming,
]black/tunnel] gleaming, ]black/tunnel] gleaming,
black tunnel gleaming peak gone

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