Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Gray Handkerchief

head gummed up, trying to push through the wall
of phlegm to get things done
all you want to do is lay down and close your eyes
convince yourself no one really needs you, it’ll be okay
to just rest for a while even though
the wind is whipping and the screen door is banging
and something is gnawing at the hull
tank treads, chopper blades, it's hard to put
two words together
I can’t fucking breathe    the pounding of drums
clattering hoofbeats on the roof      can’t you wait
until I’ve slept a little while, can’t you come back and kill me
in the morning when I’ve cleared my head
I’ll bail you out tomorrow, I swear
I’ll march alongside you, raise the flag
when you drop it. It’ll be over so fast but for now,
please, just one night of rest. I wave the flag of
surrender. It used to be white
but it's been a long winter and we ran out of bleach.
I’m swimming in my own juices, floating face down
on that viscous river. Let my eyes be replaced
with sponges the color of the moon.
Let my mouth be stitched shut with golden threads.
Let me dream my way toward that bone-white shore.

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