Monday, April 24, 2017

Creeping Jasmine

Kosher dill pickles
speared from the jar with a knife

I’m thinking about licking
I’m thinking about licking
There were only a few words
I repeated them
4over and over

Took a bite of the pickle, the cold crunch
Smooth and seedy inside
I’m thinking about repeating
I'm thinking about repenting
I'll keep thinking

There was a patch
of small, smooth bumps
on your inner arm
I was thinking about licking

Juice runs down my chin
I wipe it away with the back of my hand

Rain blowing sideways
Creeping jasmine petals
scattered on the wet terracotta
Exploded stars

I’m thinking about your skin, the pavement,
the disassembled blossoms

Like an octopus
you squeeze yourself into
you squeeze into
the jar

Floating diamonds
Swirling seeds

Lights of the drawbridge
reflected in the river

I take the knife and stab the last
kosher dill
lift it to the light
press its tip against
your skin
your skin

The terracotta
The repetition

the stars

Screw the lid on tight

I take a bite

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