Sunday, April 23, 2017

Finally Diagonal

I dug a hole two feet deep

into the earth
 and stood in it

The motorcycle wove
in and out of traffic

The water of the pond
was bright green with algae

The tattered Tibetan flags
fluttered in the wind

There was a plastic combination
pen and change holder
on the glass counter
two pens
six pennies

We lost interest in one another
at approximately the same time

I tried to recall the last time
I’d committed an act of kindness
that didn’t involve my cat

There was an estate sale
at the hoarder’s house
every day for a week

The lights of the windows looked like eyes

I put out my hand and an apple fell into it

I missed her so much

The drunker he gets the more pronounced
his speech impediment becomes
I’m having trouble placing his accent
It’s halfway between German and Scottish

I stared at the back of their heads
spread my arms wide
prepared to dive

Her glowing palm was all I could see
in the dark as she lit her cigarette

She is starring in a stage adaptation
of A Wrinkle in Time

My life was blessed in more ways than I could count
in ways I could never begin to deserve
and yet I still griped

He paid her to get down on her knees.
She paid him to let her get back up

A light winked out forever
and we didn’t notice until much later

Two of them were very ugly
but the other was extraordinarily beautiful

Sometimes clichés really resonate

He convinced himself he could communicate with insects

She used her compact to flash signals in Morse code
from the penthouse

Suddenly the place was overrun
by an army of string players
with beautiful legs

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